The Importance of Hiring an IRS Tax Attorney For IRS Audit Defense

Many taxpayers are often unaware that hiring an IRS tax lawyer is an excellent option for their tax problem. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that they have the right to hire an expert tax attorney to defend their rights and get their tax debt paid. As a taxpayer who is involved in an audit, you must be fully aware of your legal rights.

The most important thing that an experienced tax attorney will do is thoroughly review your tax return. They will then evaluate all deductions you qualify for and which ones are the most beneficial to you. If they find that you cannot legally claim deductions or that your tax situation could result in criminal prosecution, the IRS will advise you of your right to hire an attorney for IRS Audit Defense. This may include suggesting that you seek professional legal advice from a tax professional attorney.

An experienced tax lawyer will also work with the IRS to assess your tax situation and prepare an appropriate Taxpayer Bill of Rights statement. If you file electronically, you will be provided with a statement that tells you what your rights are in regards to your electronic filing. If you choose to hire an attorney, you will be required to prepare and file this statement. The statement may also provide other important information.

The tax attorney will discuss your rights under the statute of limitations with the IRS. You can hire a tax lawyer that is skilled at negotiating with the IRS on your behalf. Often times, taxpayers have the right to negotiate a resolution to the case and get their accounts paid.

Most importantly, an experienced tax attorney will discuss your rights when the IRS is preparing to audit you. Some common issues that arise during an audit include the amount of taxes you should pay, how you can pay your taxes and what is acceptable proof that you made your payments. In most cases, you will need to hire an attorney for IRS Audit Defense if you believe that the IRS is overstepping its authority.

Hiring an experienced tax attorney is always an excellent idea because you are more likely to get the best possible outcome for your situation. The IRS is an extremely powerful and influential government agency and there are many individuals who have benefited from hiring an attorney to help them.

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